ECODECK building products now available from IBRAN.

ECODECK building products now available from IBRAN.

ECODECK building products now available from IBRAN.


Gravel Grids


Linear Drainage

Pond Safety


Pond Liner

Raised Beds

Garden Tools

Quality gardening and landscaping supplies

At IBRAN we believe in offering exceptional quality, service and delivery speed on a huge range of outdoor gardening and landscaping products. Anything you can use in your to improve your outdoor space, we can provide with a smile on our face and a helping hand outstretched.

Quality garden tools

All gardening projects start with choosing the right tool for the job. IBRAN have sourced a range of high quality, long-life garden tools from the leading manufacturers to offer all customers, new and existing, the best choice and value for money.

Whether you need a brand new spade to tackle your borders, a new digging fork for lifting roots and tubers or a wheelbarrow for carrying it all in, you'll find everything you need right here to get the job done at a price worth paying.

Materials, liners and nets

Whether you're looking to keep the weeds out or your pond water in, we've got the right material for you. Our range of landscaping fabrics, pond liners and meshes are individually sourced from the best manufacturers and suppliers in the United Kingdom, assuring you with exceedingly long lasting quality you can be sure of.

Our leading safety net brand Bull Nets has a long lasting, established reputation for providing excellent strength, security and trustworthiness. As a leading supplier of Pond Safety netting and kits, you can be sure of ultra-safe garden ponds, pools and aquatic landscapes.

Linear drainage

Simple, cost effective domestic drainage for your garden, patio or driveway. If your garden suffers from rainwater build up, the likelihood is you need more drainage. We have a growing range of linear drainage products from the UK's leading manufacturers, including CUBRA, Peter Savage, ACO and Manthorpe.

Ground stabilisation, driveway grids and shed bases

We have exclusive supply of the ECODECK range of products, including plastic driveway bases, gravel grids and shed bases. Designed to add strength, aggregate retention and sub-base drainage to any surface or sub-base structure, ECODECK and PaveDeck are the UK's leading manufacturer of plastic structure base grids.

Raised bed kits

Our in-house team have designed and constructed a range of quality raised bed kits, planter kits and disability-friendly garden planter kits for quick assembly at home. Using quality, ecologically sourced timber, IBRAN and Planti raised bed kits are second to none in terms of craftsmanship and quality as well as price and availability.

Simple to assemble at home with little to no expert tools or skills required. Simply click your planter and raised bed kits together for a quality, long lasting finish that looks bespoke but costs a fraction of the price.

How to install landscape fabric properly


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