IBRADRIVE Plastic Parking Grid

IBRADRIVE Plastic Parking Grid
IBRADRIVE Plastic Parking Grid

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Plastic Parking Grids for Driveways that retain gravel and stop sunken wheels.

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The IBRADRIVE plastic parking grid for driveways inerlocks and holds stones and gravel in place, stopping your car's tyres from sinking in and spreading stones.

With strong interlocking grid sections, you can cover large areas in minutes, saving you time with a larger ground coverage per grid.

All parking grids are light and temperature stable (down to -50°C!), even in harsh weather conditions. When in-filled, you can easily drive over these grids.

  • Dimensions: 500mm x 500mm x 40mm
  • 4 grids = 1m2
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IBRADRIVE Gravel Parking Grids take the weight of a car

Drive over easily with no lost gravel!

IBRADRIVE-500 holds gravel in place, preventing wheels sinking in

Gravel retention made easy with intelocking cells.

IBRADRIVE is a recycled plastic parking grid for gravel driveways, parking spaces and wheelchair friendly pathways.

Each intelocking, 50cm square grid can be safely driven over, retaining any gravel within. Filled with retained stones, the surface becomes both strong and stable as well as save to drive over. With enough flexibility in the grid to withstand high turning forces (axle load), this means any kind of vehicle can drive on it from as light as mobility scooter right through to articulated lorries.

This versatility means it can be used anywhere the ground needs reinforcing, including gravel driveways, footpaths, disability friendly accesses and even warehouse loading bays!

Grids should be placed down onto a reasonably flat surface, preferably levelled with sand and underlined with thick weed suppressant membrane. This helps prevent standing water build up as well as inhibiting weed growth on your driveway.

IBRADRIVE is made from high strength, recycled plastics. Its interlocking system slots together easily along all four sides, making attaching units together a really quick process. You can quickly and assemble large areas, covering huge areas of driveway in next to no time whatsoever.

IBRADRIVE is specifically engineered to support huge weights without cracking, permanently warping or breaking. Each cell has been tested rigorously to ensure optimum strength under any weather condition. Additionally, it is UV stable meaning it remains strong forever unlike other grids which may become brittle in sunlight.

Lightweight yet tough, each grid stands 40mm high, allowing for easy in fill with soil or aggregate. When installed correctly, the grids are able to take up to 1000tonnes load capacity per m2 making it the strongest grid on the market.

Within the composition of the plastic grid are elastomers (TPE) designed to give your grid enough flex to cope with the axle force of turning wheels. With this addition, your grids are toughened and able to withstand even the strongest forces unlike 100% plastic grids which can become brittle and snap under load.


First, make sure the ground is excavated level around 40mm below the final height. Ideally prepare a sub-base of hardcore, scrapings or limestone.

To prevent weeds growing through the path, prepare a base layer of weed suppressant membrane before immediately placing the IBRADRIVE parking grids over the membrane, interlocking each grid together with the male to female clips, located along all sides of the grids.

For use as a plastic parking grid for driveways, ensure the grids are installed with the heavier side down.

When the entire area is covered with both membrane and grids, then proceed to fill with desired aggregate or soil.

  • Dimensions: 500mm x 500mm x 40mm
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Grids/m2: 4 grids
  • 1000+ tonnes/m2
  • Axle Load Bearing: 40+ tonne axle load bearing
  • Material: 100% UK Recycled - UV Stable Polypropylene / TPE mixed.
  • Temperature Stability: -50 to +90°C
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These grids have made such a huge difference to my driveway. We used to lose all our stones to the road. These grids keep the stones in and also take the weight of our 4x4, so i'm pretty happy with my purchase. It was delivered within 24 hours of placing the order meaning we could get on with work straight away. No waiting around and the courier let us know when it was being delivered. All in all, a good buy which i can recommend to anyone. Thanks again.

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