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Bulldog Premier Small Bypass Secateurs
Bulldog Premier Small Bypass Secateurs

Bulldog Premier Small Bypass Secateurs

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Unbeatable Quality British Secateurs

These Bulldog Premier Small Bypass Secateurs have incredibly high quality blades made from stainless steel.

Made in Wigan, Lancashire since 1780, Bulldog have an ancient reputation for producing the best quality, British tools.

Cuts through 15mm branches easily

With a pair of stainless steel blades, these super sharp secateurs will cut through 15mm branches with ease. The stainless steel blades hold their sharpness for longer, remaining strong and durable. This makes them perfect for pruning live roses, shrubs, flowers and more.

Soft grip handles inset for long-lasting comfort

When cutting through tough growth, sometimes you’ve got to squeeze harder to get through. In these instances it pays to have a pair of secateurs with inset soft grips. Unlike secateurs with soft rubber tubing around the handles, these secateurs’ soft grips will not slide down the handles and come off and will not wear off!

Bulldog’s lifetime guarantee means you’ll never buy another pair of secateurs again!

Bulldog’s secateurs are guaranteed against faulty workmanship for the lifetime of the tool, subject to being used in a normal working environment.

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