As the United Kingdom continues its longest heatwave in 40 years, UK water companies have reassured the public that no droughts are forecast.

Thanks to a pretty torrential spring, UK water reserves are still coping despite an increase in water use of almost one third.

Parts of the UK have already imposed hosepipe bans, such as in Northern Ireland, yet in mainland UK there are no such plans to impose water use restrictions.

The overall message is that the reservoirs are full and coping with the extreme weather conditions well. According to Thames Water's Andrew Tucker, the "rain we had in winter and spring really helped fill our reservoirs and recharge groundwater levels, so we don't expect them to become so low that we have to impose temporary restrictions."

Nationwide Heatwave Continues into Third Week

Longest heatwave on record since 1976

While the message from Water UK is that the country is not about to go into drought, further dry spells could lead to water shortages next year. Areas such as the South-West, with traditionally drier water tables, are more at risk and any future hosepipe bans would be imposed there first.

During the last major UK-wide drought in 1976, people were advised to bathe in no more than 5" of water and collect water from standpipes. Ministers even discussed plans to ship water in from abroad in tankers.

Reassuringly, with rains forecast for the end of the week all our gardens will benefit, with surviving lawns, shrubs and flowers set to blossom.