At the start of 2019, we made several key improvements to the design of the IBRADRIVE-500 plastic grids for gravel retaining driveways and ground reinforcement jobs. Our investment in a completely new tool for the injection moulding process has allowed us to bring the manufacturing of the grids more in house, with all recycled plastic stock sourced from local suppliers.

This exciting development has given us the opportunity to make key changes to the design of the grids, ensuring a much improved structure for longer lasting strength. The tool is designed to produce two grids per run, reducing run time and energy use by 32%.

Each grid contains 100% recycled plastic sourced in the UK, taking waste plastics out of our environment and repurposing them for use in improving driveways, disability friendly gravel pathways and many other hard landscaping projects.
New IBRADRIVE-500 Gravel Driveway Grid Improvements
Many gravel parking grids are completely hollow, meaning stones can become embedded in the subsurface below the grids. In time, this leads to grid movement and uplift which can cause cracking and breakage of the plastic grids. To tackle this problem, we introduced a circular matrix into each square sub-cell. This means when in filled with stone, the grids are held down firmly by the weight of the stone and have no way of migrating into the soil below.

With more interlocking connecting points along each edge than any other parking grid, the new IBRADRIVE-500 grids will stay connected and be much harder to separate, even under the heaviest loads. Additionally each grid is 50cm square, covering more ground area than many other grids on the market - saving you time on installation and reducing the number of connecting points.

Lastly we have introduced anti-slip nodules onto the surface of each grid, preventing your vehicle's tyres or even walking sticks from slipping across wet plastic edges.

We're confident this is the strongest, most eco friendly gravel grid on the market and we're very proud to offer manufacturer direct savings to all customers.