About Ibran Outdoors

We are a proud advocate for British gardening products, manufacturing and selling quality British goods to home growers and gardeners in the UK and abroad.

Our growing range of gardening products have been carefully selected to ensure that you are receiving high quality products from British independent manufacturers and suppliers.

Supporting Independent British Manufacturers and Suppliers

We can do it here in the United Kingdom and there are plenty of British manufacturers to choose from. As passionate gardeners ourselves, we only want the best quality for money. Our selection process is meticulous and we try everything we sell.

Some products are “home brand” products. In offering these products to you, we’ve applied the same rigorous quality checks, ensuring that our manufacturing processes are as carefully monitored as our product selection process. This allows us to offer garden enthusiasts real quality and value for money right across the board.

We demand and deliver only the highest level of customer service and care.

We don’t mess around when it comes to looking after our customers. If you have a question or concern, we answer honestly, quickly and with a smile on our faces. Talk to us… we’d love to chat.

We listen and adapt.

If you have suggestions, advice or if we’ve missed something (we are human!), then please do let us know. We want to make your experience with Ibran Outdoors all the better and all the more personal to you.