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Weed Suppressant

Weed suppressant membrane for weed free gardens, allotments and landscape structures. FABREX is made from recycled plastic material and lasts a lifetime, meaning your pesticide-free garden remains under control, free of weeds for as long as you need it to.

Keeping the weeds down for longer

We're proud to present FABREX-100 as the toughest, longest lasting weed contorl fabric that keeps weeds down forever. FABREX-100 has been rigorously tested to ensure no weeds are able to grow through it and that sunlight is kept from any trying to germinate below it.

Its UV stable composition makes it different from other materials used as weed barriers, ensuring that once down, it will not degrade, rot or fray.

A true weed suppressant membrane, made from 100% recycled polypropylene strands interwoven to make a thick, puncture proof sheet that keeps weeds down without needing weed killer. Cut to a length of your choosing, this eco-friendly weed control fabric will keep your garden weed free.

With all this is mind, you have one simply choice - 1m wide or 2m?

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