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Plastic Grids

Plastic grids for building bases, ground reinforcement and driveway parking.

All of our driveway grids, shed base and grass parking grids are made in the UK from 100% recycled, waste plastic. Careful thought and process has gone into the design of each type of grid, specific to its use in ground reinforcement to ensure that they last and outperform any other grids.

Our gravel grids and grass grids are cost effective, due to our thorough management of the entire process from buying the plastic, to tooling and manufacture, cutting out any middle men and supplying you directly.

With these eco grids, you also save money on stone, concrete or sub base excavation. All our grids lay straight onto the ground as sturdy reinforcement, with optional weed control barriers beneath, making installation the easiest of all plastic grids on the market.

Recycled Plastic and Rubber Parking Grids for Ground Reinforcement

We supply many landscaping and building contractors as well as DIYers with quality, recycled plastic parking grids for driveways, paths and parking spaces. All grids are manufactured to ISO-9001 standards and are able to take up 500 tonnes/m2 load. This makes them both indestructible and hard wearing, for even the most testing applications.

Whether you're looking to retain gravel with our IBRADRIVE gravel driveway grids or you're converting your grass lawn into a reinforced parking space, we have plastic parking grids, shed bases and more that will do the job.

Ordering direct from the manufacturer will save you so much money and allow you direct access to manufacturer guarantees on all plastic grids. We can assure you of superior quality due to being able to control every stage of the manufacturing cycle, from sourcing the raw, recycled material, to processing and making the grids in specially designed, bespoke injection moulding tools. We pride ourselves on quality parking grids made from 100% recycled UK waste plastics.

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