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Whether you are looking for quality plastic drainage channels, corner units or end cap components, manhole covers or underground drain pipes, we have it covered, in stock and ready for delivery! All our plastic drainage channel and manhole cover components are designed for either domestic driveways, footpaths or patios or industrial car parks, warehouses or public spaces, designated by either A15 - B loading classes or C loading classes and above respectively.

Huge stocks of all drainage channels and manhole covers

We're proud to stock Peter Savage and IBRADRAIN brands of plastic drainage channels, end caps, sumps and corner units and CUBRA manhole covers for driveways, footpaths and patios.

With vast stocks, we are able to deliver super quickly to any UK address. This means you can quickly get started installing your drainage systems in your garden, on your driveway, round your garage or anywhere you need to keep on top of the rainwater build up.

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