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Building Plastics

When it comes to building plastics, you no longer have to choose between eco-friendly and budget-friendly, with our range of quality, environmentally friendly plastics being bang on budget. Complete any job with our range of 100% recycled plastic building materials, ranging from plastic drainage channels to parking grids for driveways.

Building your dream with quality plastic materials

Want to build your perfect, low maintenance driveway? Got a border with rotting timber edging? With our range of plastics for building, landscaping and garden design, you no longer have to worry about how long it's going to be before you have to replace it.

Plastic building materials such as these far outperform wooden alternatives, meaning you spend and install once and can forget about.

We're pioneering the recycling of domestic waste plastics for reuse in plastic garden landscaping and building materials. This means that we can offer you eco-friendly alternatives to virgin plastic parking grids for grass and gravel driveways, plastic drain channels and sleepers and timbers.